Convert HTML with Web Fonts to PDF

The Web Fonts offer a great flexibility to web designers to create special effects on text in a HTML document because they are not limited anymore to a small set of fonts installed on the client computers displaying the HTML document. The Web Fonts can be downloaded on the fly by the modern web browsers and used to render the HTML document without installing those fonts on the local machine. The location from where they can be downloaded is given in a CSS3 @font-face rule.

The HiQPdf HTML to PDF Converter has the capacity to convert HTML documents with Web Fonts. It offers support for TrueType fonts in .ttf files, OpenType fonts with TrueType Outlines in .otf files and Web Open Font Format (WOFF) fonts with TrueType Outlines in .woff files.

The Web Open Font Format (WOFF), as its name suggests, was designed to be used with web pages. It is based on a compression algorithm which makes the fonts file smaller and more appropriate for distribution over a network. The WOFF format is currently supported by all major browsers (Firefox 3.6 and later versions, Google Chrome 6.0 and later versions, Internet Explorer 9 and later versions, Opera 11.10 and later versions, Safari 5.1 and later versions).

In the live demo for Converting HTML with Web Fonts to PDF you learn how to define the web fonts in HTML using the @font-face rules and the C# code to convert such a HTML document to PDF.

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